Frequently Asked Questions

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Interest rates are influenced by the financial markets and can change daily – or multiple times within the same day. The changes are based on many different economic indicators in the financial markets.
Yes! Honest Lending offers programs with lower down payment options. These products are designed to help borrowers overcome the two primary barriers to homeownership – lack of down payment funds and qualifying income. These programs have lower down payment, cash reserve, and income requirements than traditional conventional mortgages. Call one of our loan experts today.
For your initial pre-qualification we'll ask questions about your:
  • Income
  • Assets
  • Credit history
  • Employment
  • Liquid assets in a checking/ savings account.
  • Gift funds funds from family members
  • Money borrowed from a 401k or IRA
  • Proceeds from the sale of another home
Your loan expert will communicate the details of your loan approval as soon as it is obtained. In some cases, your loan approval can be generated in minutes.
Most clients are eligible to refinance within 6 months of closing your current loans.

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